Building Faith House by Faith

Faith House was born of a calling that began several years ago as a vague desire to offer pregnant teens and young women a tangible alternative to abortion.

I knew it was not enough to advocate against abortion when so many women facing an unplanned pregnancy do not see any alternatives. They may have little emotional and financial support and feel hopeless and completely unprepared to raise a child or even to carry the pregnancy to term and make an adoption plan. As I got older, I could not put this calling off any longer and I began researching types of support available to pregnant women. I knew we had to offer housing but had not even heard the term “maternity home” even 2 years ago. I discovered a wonderful, supportive network of maternity homes throughout the country who were putting their faith into action by standing with women facing a difficult situation and providing concrete services to help them adjust to motherhood. I began reaching out to pregnancy support centers, social service agencies and other community organizations and learned that there are no maternity homes in the mid-Hudson Valley. Everyone I spoke with confirmed that there is a tremendous need. Many women go through pregnancy without a safe place to live. I began sharing this vision for a maternity home with others from my church, Abundant Life Tabernacle in Kingston , NY, and others joined in the effort to create a nurturing home where young women could learn to be mothers in a loving, family environment. Although we are not yet open, we have already received many calls from women in need which only confirms that Faith House is needed in our community. These women have ranged from ages 16 to 29, 3 months pregnant to 9 months. All have lost their housing for one reason or another and all care deeply about the child they are carrying. We want to show these young mothers that they are not alone- that we will walk with them through the joys and trials of pregnancy, childbirth and young motherhood. We will help them to get to where they need to be to be strong mothers.

Faith House began as a ministry of Abundant Life Tabernacle. In October 2015 we incorporated as a free-standing nonprofit and obtained 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Please join us in bringing this vision to life. You will impact many generations.