Finding a House for Faith House

We are actively looking for a place to call home for Faith House.

We are working closely with a realtor who has been tirelessly sending us potential properties, and driving all over the Hudson Valley to show us homes we think might serve the ministry well.

We are looking for a house that can accommodate at least 4 women and their babies, as well as a space for houseparents.

We recently made our first offer on a house, but we were outbidded, and so our offer was not accepted. This is why we continue to fundraise, and to seek the support of those who believe in this vision. The more money we have to offer as a down payment, the stronger our negotiating position will be. We are, of course, always hoping that someone will make the ultimate donation, and give us as house.

Please consider donating toward the purchase of a house so we will no longer need to turn desperate mothers away when they call.