We believe everyone deserves a safe place to call home. No one should be homeless and pregnant…

A baby is aborted every 20 seconds in the United States. In New York State alone, in 2014 27% of babies were aborted. For teens ages 15 to 19 this figure climbs to an alarming 50%. Unplanned pregnancy is one of the main reasons young women leave their homes or are kicked out.

Often with no income and no education, where do they go? So many women feel pressured to abort and feel they have no choice. 83% of women who have had abortions say they would have given birth if they had support from their families or boyfriends.

You can help Faith House be the support these young mothers need and deserve.

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50% of pregnant teens never finish high school. They often receive inadequate prenatal care, placing their babies at greater risk of premature birth and lifelong developmental and health problems. Babies born into homelessness struggle throughout their lives, often failing to graduate high school, ending up in the criminal justice system, and becoming teen parents themselves. A destructive cycle that often repeats for generations, with a devastating ripple effect.

Faith House exists to help young, single, pregnant women break this cycle and becoming self-sufficient mothers. We offer a safe, accepting home in a Christian family environment to pregnant women ages 18 to 24 who are motivated to make significant changes in their lives. Women may stay up to 12 months following the birth of their baby and are offered a variety of educational and supportive services to learn important life skills.

Once open, Faith House will be the only maternity home in the mid-Hudson Valley. Join us in offering hope to these courageous young mothers! Click here for ways to get involved.



Dear Friends of Faith House-

I could not be more excited and happy to share this wonderful news with you!!!

Several weeks ago we were contacted by a wonderful couple who is planning to move south. Their desire for the home where they raised their children, and have lived for over 30 years, was that it would be used for ministry. The home is in a quiet neighborhood near Kingston, will accommodate 4 young mothers, and has a separate apartment for our live-in staff. It is in great condition but will need some work to customize it for our mission. Our offer was accepted and we are looking forward to closing on this house in August! Your prayers on behalf of young, pregnant women who desperately need a safe place have borne fruit!

Because of your previous generous and faithful giving, most of the funds needed are already in place. An additional $50,000 towards the purchase price, closing costs and renovations is needed by August 1. Because of the humbling dedication you have shown in bringing this vision to fruition, I know that together we can meet this need, and thank you in advance for rising to this challenge. I am deeply grateful to all of you who have stood in faith through the ups and downs of the past few months, continuing to believe and continuing to sacrifice financially. We would not be where we are today without you. Now is the time to pull together to bring in this additional $50,000 so that Faith House can open its doors. Our first mothers and babies are just around the corner! What an exciting time to be involved with such a life-saving and life-changing mission!


A very generous donor with a heart to see this ministry soar has come forward with a $20,000 gift!! He has asked to remain anonymous, but wants his donation to serve as achallenge to others. Are you one of 20 people with a heart to see lives saved and transformed who will accept this challenge by giving $1000 to join in his generosity? One of 40 who will give $500? Please click below to donate online, or mail a check to the address below. Thank you so much for your commitment to providing hope and the promise of a new life to these young mothers and babies!

Join with us in thanking and praising the Lord for his faithfulness and provision! With Him nothing is impossible! As we go forward I will keep you posted on our progress. After the closing, we will be able to accept material donations and will need additional volunteers for various projects to ready the house for opening. As we begin to hire staff and put key elements of the program in place, your consistent monthly gifts are even more essential. Please consider making a monthly commitment to support the ongoing needs of the home. Thank you all for everything you continue to do to bring this vision to reality!

In Christ,

Linda Arzu Executive Director



$50,000 for Faith House

Thank you for giving to our capital campaign!


You can help Faith House while you shop! When shopping on Amazon, use this link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-5640574 .5% of qualified purchases will go to Faith House. Prices are the same and Faith House benefits!

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